Stalag XIB/357
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Museum 2013

Welcome! As of 2013 the museum has a new home! Not only outside of the british camp ( easyer visitig!) but also only 100 meters from the site of Stalag XIB! The new museum building is bigger and a lot better. In the next months the transfer from the old building will be complete. As of 27.04.2013 we will reopen!

Willkommen! 2013 ist das Jahr der Jahre für das Museum! Nicht nur das wir nun außerhalb der britischen Kaserne sind (somit keine Besucher Einschränkungen) sondern auch nur 100 Meter vom alten Standort des Gefangenlagers XIB liegen. Das neue Gebäude ist grösser und viel besser. In den Nächsten Monaten wird der Umzug vom alten Standort vollzogen sein. Am 27.04.2013 ist große Neueröffnung!



Museum 2006-2011

The Museum was the brain child of captain Dave Curry 2BN Reme, who back in march 2006, asked me, Kevin Greenhalgh if I could help put on a small display of relics from the POW camps. He showed me what we had to work with which was a empty dirty cellar under the Reme families office. The place was filthy dirty, full of rubbish and furniture.

I had a look and selected a tiny room at the end of the corridor which , with the plaster falling down from the Ceiling and bared windows, would I hope give that POW camp feel to the relic display. Dave Curry then went on holiday to china leaving me the keys.

I soon started to fill up the first room with POW relics, then the corridor... and a museum was born.

By the time Dave came back from china I had taken over most of the corridor with models and WW2 items. It was then up to Dave to start bringing in his collection covering the Reme 1950-2008.

There is now not a day goes by when we do not add to the collection-displays. The families officer had also been of great help giving up his storage space bit by bit as we have expanded.... thank you. We have big plans and it is only time that stops us going completely out of control. We have even moved a German Luft-schutz bunker to the outside entrance of the museum.

Sadly its come time to say bye to the leading light in our museum, David Curry is moving on to newer better things in the UK as of august 2009. We wish you and the family all best in your new home. From now on Ken will be joining in more actively as new  assistant curator.